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Re: install daemon without starting it

On Thu, Apr 02 2009, Nuno Magalhães wrote:

>>> is it possible to install a daemon from a Debian package without having
>>> it automatically started afterwards?
> At the risk of starting a holy war, and kind of highjaking, shouldn't
> Debian *not* start just-installed daemons by default? Or at least ask
> while installing if such daemon is to be started automatically (like
> sshd does, i think)?

        The argument is that if the user did not want the daemon
 started, they would not have installed the package. And while there can
 be a debconf question about it starting, the questions should be of low
 priority (I insatlled the package, didn't I? why ask me over and over
 whether I really really want it running?), and the default should be

        This is why Debian has debconf -- so that any critical
 configuration should be done at install, and there should be
 reasonable, non-obnoxious defaults set by the package anyway.

        There are mechanisms by which the site admin can tailor the
 selection of daemons that start -- but the default should be I
 installed it, and I installed it for a reason, so I want the thing

        Or so the reasoning goes.

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