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RE: Debian RAM supporting.

> From: Ron Johnson [mailto:ron.l.johnson@cox.net]
> Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 12:11 PM
> Subject: Re: Debian RAM supporting.
> On 2009-04-03 07:14, Stackpole, Chris wrote:
> >> From: Ron Johnson [mailto:ron.l.johnson@cox.net]
> [snip]
> >
> > I could be wrong, but I am pretty certain that the netinstall does
> > At least on the 32bit systems with more then 4GB that I have access
> > I don't remember having to do anything extra special for it to
> > bigmem.
> Shame on me for assuming that GP had tried to install and only been
> able to see 4/3.6GB.

Whoops, my bad. That is my fault for breezing through the thread. I
somehow didn't connect that the OP mentioned the netinstall. Although I
really don't remember having to do anything different with the HP DL30's
when they came with 8GB (the only experience I have with >4GB & 32bit).
In fact I remember being really surprised that /proc/mem recorded all
8GB...wish I had a box to test that on... :-)

Oh well.
Thanks for the correction.

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