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Re: Debian RAM supporting.

Andrei Popescu wrote:


The one starting with "Personally, I think..." and ends with enumerating compatibility issues with some other OSes?

My point was that PAE isn't exactly the best idea out there, there are known issues with it (the list of other operating systems and environments were there to help illustrate this), and that I feel that installing a 64bit capable chip in the OP's system is the better path to take to make use of more than 3 gigs or RAM.


Maybe if you would give more details about your specific application the answers would be more direct.

Irrelevant to the thread and original question.

"Dear ALL.
I have HP proliant DL380 G4 with 12 GB ram.
I want to install debian lenny on it. Orocessors are 32bit.
Installing debian from standard small cd debian-500-i386-netinst.iso
will allow me to use whole 12 GB or additional setup will be needed?
Thank you in advance."

Question was can it be done with a machine that has 32bit processors. Answer was yes it can be done with a bigmem kernel, but there are potential compatibility problems, here are a few other major operating systems and environments that have problems with it as examples.

Opinion was given that they would be better off with changing the CPU's to 64bit capable, but was not said to be a have-to-do-this.

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