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lvm and multiboot

Hello, Debian community,
I have got a 250G harddisk that I can use for a debian lenny
installation. I have met with partition size problems before so this
time I would use LVM. and since it will be a server so /var /srv etc
will grow in size later on. at the same time I would like to have 50G
left untouched possibly for another OS such as Mac, windows, other
linux distro, etc..

I read something that it is not good for  /boot and / to reside on lvm
partitions. So my question is that how to use debian installer to
partition the harddrive to suit my purpose? I am pretty familiar with
normal debian install process but I am new to lvm and am not aware of
any unexpeced results from lvm Considering I may need to do multi boot
later on.

So could any one offer me some insights into this?

Thanks a million,

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