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Re: lvm and multiboot

> I read something that it is not good for /boot and / to reside on lvm
> partitions.

Only /boot needs to be on a non-LVM volume.  I always partition my root
drives with a 100-200MB /boot partition and the rest as a single
partition devoted to LVM.  Actually, I also do that for
secondary&external drives, where the small "boot" partition is simply
left unused (but can come in handy if I ever need to switch drives

> So my question is that how to use debian installer to
> partition the harddrive to suit my purpose? I am pretty familiar with
> normal debian install process but I am new to lvm and am not aware of
> any unexpeced results from lvm Considering I may need to do multi boot
> later on.

I remember it took me a bit of time to figure out how Debian install's
partitioner handles LVM, but it wasn't too terrible and it was pretty
safe (carefully warning you before doing something that might wipe out
valuable data, and also careful to only wipe out that data that really
needs to be wiped out).


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