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Re : lvm and multiboot

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De : zhang zhengquan <zhang.zhengquan@gmail.com>
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Envoyé le : Jeudi, 2 Avril 2009, 19h13mn 30s
Objet : lvm and multiboot

Hello, Debian community,
I have got a 250G harddisk that I can use for a debian lenny
installation. I have met with partition size problems before so this
time I would use LVM. and since it will be a server so /var /srv etc
will grow in size later on. at the same time I would like to have 50G
left untouched possibly for another OS such as Mac, windows, other
linux distro, etc..

I read something that it is not good for  /boot and / to reside on lvm
partitions. So my question is that how to use debian installer to
partition the harddrive to suit my purpose? I am pretty familiar with
normal debian install process but I am new to lvm and am not aware of
any unexpeced results from lvm Considering I may need to do multi boot
later on.

So could any one offer me some insights into this?

Thanks a million,


In fact, if you want to use lvm you'v got to make sure that your volumes are activated before loading the kernel. This needs many handy and precise manipulations with grub. A better way is to create an ext3 or ext4 what ever (classic) /boot partition (with 250Mo for example) to boot then use the remaining disk space as lvm. This is than simply if using the lenny installer. Once at the patitionning phase choose lvm then the wisard take care of  everything. Or at this phase go back and launch a shell from the menu of te installer, then do your partitionning using fdisk - don't forget to change the type of you lvm partition (I think 8e) with the  commande (t ) from fdisk menu. After the partitionning done you can use pvcreate, vgcreate and lvcreate to construct your disk volume structure. 
This is a small picture but if you do googling you'll probably find more details.
Hope it helps.

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