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Re: Resizing LVM partition

Hi Tapani.

On Sunday, 29 March 2009 18:33:43 +0300,
Tapani Tarvainen wrote:

> > In the procedure that you mentioned, when erasing and creating the
> > larger partition the data that it maintainded will be lost
> No it won't. The contents of the partition will stay in place,
> fdisk only changes the partition table. When the volume
> group is reawakened, it finds the data where it expects,
> only there will be unused space at the end of the partition,
> and pvresize will claim it.
> At least that's how it works with normal disks, I don't
> know if your hardware RAID does something strange.

Interesting... I tried increasing the size of a LV on which a virtual
machine KVM is executed. Then with the operating system running, I
umount (although I have understood that it is not necessary) the
filesystem /space of the VM and I extended it so that it occupied all
the free space. Then I did resize of the extended partition and mounted
again /space, but still I continued seeing the old size. I tried doing
reboot and shutdown/start of the VM and I get the same result.

Peculiarly, starting a VM with a ISO of SystemRescueCD aiming to LV of
the VM, when mounting the resized partition yes I saw with the correct

Booting once again the VM, I saw the partition with the correct size. I
do not believe that it has been something of filesystem cache of the VM
(because I suppose that after the boot it would have to display the
correct size). Perhaps some cache of hardware RAID on which is the LVM
Thanks for your reply.

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