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Re: Resizing LVM partition

On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 12:12:03PM -0300, Daniel Bareiro (daniel-listas@gmx.net) wrote:

> In the end you ended up being convincing to me and I was decided to
> create a new physical volume that soon I added to volume group due to
> its rapidity and facility


> In the procedure that you mentioned, when erasing and creating the
> larger partition the data that it maintainded will be lost

No it won't. The contents of the partition will stay in place,
fdisk only changes the partition table. When the volume
group is reawakened, it finds the data where it expects,
only there will be unused space at the end of the partition,
and pvresize will claim it.

At least that's how it works with normal disks, I don't
know if your hardware RAID does something strange.

Tapani Tarvainen

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