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Resizing LVM partition

Hi all!

I have a hardware RAID with a logical drive that I expanded adding a
disk being of the following way:

Name       Part Type    FS Type                    Size (MB)
c0d0p1     Primary      Linux swap / Solaris         1003,49
c0d0p2     Primary      Linux ext3                  10001,95
c0d0p3     Primary      Linux LVM                  429334,95
           Pri/Log      Free Space                 146780,13

Then I tried to resize with parted of systemrescuecd [1] the LVM
partition to having more space to extend the logical volumes, but when I
trying to do it I obtain a message saying that partitions LVM are not
supported yet. How I can to extend a LVM partition?

Thanks in advance.


[1] http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page
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