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Re: Resizing LVM partition

On Saturday, 28 March 2009 19:10:59 +0200,
Tapani Tarvainen wrote:

> > But I would like, to be possible, not to have to be creating
> > partitions by each disk that could be adding.
> Well, it is possible, just hard compared to creating
> new partitions. Extra partitions don't really cost anything
> and make it easier to rearrange things should you wish to
> create multiple volume groups later.
> I've got a box with a total of 29 partitions on five disks, divided
> among four volume groups (and 2 non-lvm for soft-mirrored /boot),
> partly for historical reasons, partly by design, with no detectable
> performance impact, and I've done things like splitting a volume group
> in two in order to encrypt half of it, and replacing root disk without
> shutting the system down. I like lvm!
> Anyway, if you really want to enlarge the lvm partition,
> all you need to do is
> (1) use (e.g.) fdisk to remove the partition and recreate
>     it at same starting position but new end position;
> (2) extend the physical volume with pvresize.
> You may need to boot in between, and you might wish
> to do (1) in single-user mode and with the
> volume group deactivated (vgchange -a n).
> Caveat emptor: any mistakes (including things I've made
> by forgetting something) may result in loss of data.
> Fresh backup before starting is recommended.

In the end you ended up being convincing to me and I was decided to
create a new physical volume that soon I added to volume group due to
its rapidity and facility

In the procedure that you mentioned, when erasing and creating the
larger partition the data that it maintainded will be lost, so this
needs an unfailingly previous backup as you commented. Under the
circumstances that we spoke, presize would be used almost never, even
never :-)

Thanks to all for your reply.

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