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Re: Consolechars Question

On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 09:30:00AM EDT, Thomas H. George wrote:


> Only en_US_UTF-8 is selected.

Sounds like a locale/font mismatch.

You could try installing the terminus font and see if the consolechars
command lets you specify a unicode version of the font:

$ apt-cache search terminus
$ apt-get install console-terminus
$ cd /usr/share/consolefonts
$ consolechars Uni3-Terminus12x6.psf.gz           # syntax ???

This is what I get with the above font:


As you know, I use kbd rather than console-tools and the corresponding
"setfont" command to choose my font.

Another possibility if you can't get the console to work satisfactorily
is to start a terminal emulation on top of the console.

I've had some success with fbiterm - with the added benefit that the
(patched) version I'm running supports 256 colors.


Hope this helps.


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