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Re: Mouse Jumping around??

Quoth green at 2009-03-26 09:48...
> I was disappointed by one optical mouse; for me there are 2 reasons to have an 
> optical mouse: no cleaning, and no mouse pad.  But this one would not work on 
> one of those white 8ft folding plastic tables.  It seems to me that an optical 
> mouse should work on nearly any surface (except maybe a mirror or similar).

I have found that, for me, the perfect solution is an optical trackball.
 (I use a Logitech TrackMan Wheel.)  No cleaning, no mouse pad and no
more space required than the size of the trackball plus the overlap of
your hand.

My TrackMan also works well with Xorg with minimal configuration. (Like
clicking the wheel for "floaty scrolling".)

Also works best for me when my carpal tunnel syndrome is playing me up.

Tried a tablet once, could NOT get on with it.



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