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Re: netinstall using 1 wireless usb rtl-8187L

consultores1 wrote :
> hello
> does somebody know how to do an installation using a wireless usb
> rtl-8187L, which does not need any kind of firmware, it works correctly
> with lenny, sid and maybe with any other linux distribution.
> My problem is that the netinstall does not recognize the usb card at the
> beginning, then i have to stop installing, and the module related to the
> card does not apper in any place.
> thanks in advance.


don't know if it can help you, but I have such a wifi controller on my
motherboard (not using it though, and never for a netinstall), here the
lsmod output :

lsmod | grep rtl
rtl8187                44224  0
mac80211              127440  1 rtl8187
eeprom_93cx6            2624  1 rtl8187
cfg80211               31712  2 rtl8187,mac80211

So it seems you need rtl8187, and there's an eeprom reader involved to
eeprom 93cx6.
"dpkg -S" tells me that all of this is compiled in my kernel, but maybe
not in the installer one ?
It has always worked out of the box.


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