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Re: Fedora guy byebyes Debian

John Hasler schreef:
I think that's a positive feature of the Debian BTS.  People who are unable
or unwilling to figure out how to use either Reportbug or the pointy-clicky
Reportbug-ng are unlikely to file useful bug reports.

I disagree with you there. If somebody sees a random application crash, then files a report saying "the application doesn't work please fix it for me", that's not useful indeed. But somebody who says "When I tick that option box, then click that button, the program crashes" likely has no clue of reportbug or reportbug-ng or he may have added a stack trace - but still, it's a useful bug report. Not even to speak about bug reports with a lower severity - wishlist or a little UI problem. Not everybody knows about reportbug-ng.

The power of Canonical's (and therefore Ubuntu's) Launchpad and the integration with apport makes for a lot of bug reports, and a lot of *useful* bug reports. These reports mostly come from people who'd have used reportbug or reportbug-ng, I think, but I also think a significant part wouldn't have reported the bug otherwise.

But then again, that's just my opinion. Maybe I should file a wishlist bug against the BTS. :-)


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