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Re: Fedora guy byebyes Debian

Michael Pobega schreef:
On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 09:22:08AM -0400, Rodolfo Alcazar Portillo wrote:
Well, a fun time (one week), sweating it up to make my ATI and Wifi work
in Lenny AMD64 but nothing. With old fedora wifi works from the live cd
and ATI with the update. No need even to try it with my dell or my
Aspireone. So byebye Debian.

I found on lenny many of the bugs and troubles found in Fedora 8 and 9,
which all today are old history. Why losing time? Cant' understand.
Lenny is a nice white-haired rookie (altough older than fedora), apt is
nice, directory structures and config files are better than fedora, but
I hardly find Debian a stable distro. Pulling her to further limits
causes a quick breakage. I find hard fedora reporting a segfault, like
lenny gave yestarday on networks-admin gui. Why the battery indicator
suddenly dissapeared, being the panel thingy active? Why it takes so
long to boot -sometimes-?

Farewell, debian. Thanks everybody.

Not to bring up an old thread (I'm bored here on the train, reading
through my archives of d-u), but why do people feel the need to tell
everyone when they are leaving? I mean, if it was someone who's names I
recognize from seeing often (Joey Hess and Celejar come to mind) that's
understandable, but some random guy? I don't understand it.

Probably because they want to let us know what in their opinion is wrong. They probably want to hear "Oh, thanks for that bug report, I just fixed that for you, now you can return!" We should take these messages and put the individual pieces like "ATI and WiFi don't seem to work on Lenny AMD64 on Dell or Aspireone" on the TODO list and ask the guy for more details, so someone can file a complete bug report.

I agree with you that sending an e-mail like this is not constructive, not at all as constructive as a complete bug report, but we could also try to do something with these e-mails as far as we can.


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