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Re: Fedora guy byebyes Debian

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 09:22:08AM -0400, Rodolfo Alcazar Portillo wrote:
> Well, a fun time (one week), sweating it up to make my ATI and Wifi work
> in Lenny AMD64 but nothing. With old fedora wifi works from the live cd
> and ATI with the update. No need even to try it with my dell or my
> Aspireone. So byebye Debian.
> I found on lenny many of the bugs and troubles found in Fedora 8 and 9,
> which all today are old history. Why losing time? Cant' understand.
> Lenny is a nice white-haired rookie (altough older than fedora), apt is
> nice, directory structures and config files are better than fedora, but
> I hardly find Debian a stable distro. Pulling her to further limits
> causes a quick breakage. I find hard fedora reporting a segfault, like
> lenny gave yestarday on networks-admin gui. Why the battery indicator
> suddenly dissapeared, being the panel thingy active? Why it takes so
> long to boot -sometimes-?
> Farewell, debian. Thanks everybody. 

Not to bring up an old thread (I'm bored here on the train, reading
through my archives of d-u), but why do people feel the need to tell
everyone when they are leaving? I mean, if it was someone who's names I
recognize from seeing often (Joey Hess and Celejar come to mind) that's
understandable, but some random guy? I don't understand it.

That said, goodbye, and good luck in your future endeavors.


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