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Re: Fedora guy byebyes Debian

> Probably because they want to let us know what in their opinion is wrong.
> They probably want to hear "Oh, thanks for that bug report, I just fixed
> that for you, now you can return!" We should take these messages and put the
> individual pieces like "ATI and WiFi don't seem to work on Lenny AMD64 on
> Dell or Aspireone" on the TODO list and ask the guy for more details, so
> someone can file a complete bug report.

So, have those items been added to this hyppothetical TODO list? Where
is this list on the intercords?

> I agree with you that sending an e-mail like this is not constructive, not
> at all as constructive as a complete bug report, but we could also try to do
> something with these e-mails as far as we can.

Some people just don't know how to file a bug report. And to be
honest, on Debian with no WWW bug reporting interface I just don't
file them. I file against Ubuntu, KDE, and, well, Fedora.

Dotan Cohen



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