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Re: top-posting

> > Just like I had seen only your post, and not Steve's. Know that that
> > is likely to happen before you decide to be violent or troll.
>    The irony here is that the reason this is so is because Dotan's got me
> killfilled for my messages over on KU-U, a forum on which I am far, far, more
> restrained when compared to D-U.  ;)

No, you are not killfiled there either. The reason that I saw
Wendall's post is the that he changed the subject, and my broken
mailer (Gmail) flagged it as a new thread. I randomly read new threads
and fell on this one.

Why did you think that I killfiled you there? I remember getting in
the crossfire between you and someone else a few months ago, but I
don't remember there ever being a problem between us.

Dotan Cohen



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