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Re: top-posting

Do you know who it will inconvenience the most? Joe McDonagh. Because
now that he gloats that he is a troll, when he needs help nobody will
help him. This mailing list is a community effort, and those who don't
want to be a part of the community, don't have to be. That's what
killfiles are for.


Top-posting doesn't bother me and I actually find it easier to follow, possibly because I used to work in support. Top-posting to unix geeks is the equivalent of killing a small child's puppy. I never understood the rage that top-posting produces, and seriously, "top posters should be shot at dawn," one guy says, that just makes me want to do it more. Maybe if someone with some actual communication skills (rare in the linux 'community') had asked/told politely the first time I would have just not done it.

The only reason I responded or "gloated" as you say to Steve was because of the overall tone of his first response. There was nothing trollish about it. If someone is making inflammatory remarks to you, chances are you are going to be a jerk to them.

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