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tweak pm-utils to re-enable second cpu on intel t7250

I finally managed to resolve my troubles with kde/pm-utils/hibernate&suspend... i'm wondering...
it is in anyway dangerous this hand made script to tweak pm-utils on suspend?
here you are:

piccolino:/etc/pm# cat sleep.d/95cpus
case "$1" in
                invoke-rc.d cpufrequtils stop
                rmmod -f acpi_cpufreq
                modprobe -v acpi_cpufreq
                invoke-rc.d cpufrequtils start
        *) exit $NA

this solve my proble with the dual core intel cpu when suspending (on ram): resuming resulted in missing cpufreq for cpu1 and missing stuff regarding this core all around /sys/devices/cpu/cpu1 etc.
i'm a little bit anxious about the forced rmmod... any hints?

Another question: while thaw from hibernate result in a system power consuming of ~16W and consequentially in a battery life ~3h,
resuming from suspend results in a system power consume of ~18-19 slowly decreasing to 17 and a shorter battery life. That's true even considering the (i presume) high power (and time) consume on "boot" for hibernate!

thanks for any advice

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