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OpenOffice.org hangs on start up

Dear all,

After a recently upgrade, OOo in sid (amd64, version 1:3.0.1-4+b1,
with Gnome) no longer works anymore. It just stops while showing OOo's
splash screen, with CPU usage 0% and no output at all on command line.

Indeed it is difficult to locate the problem, because I cannot find an
options like "-verbose" or "-debug" to obtain more information: the
man page of ooffice is for OOo version 2, and "ooffice -help" lists
little useful options.

I tried "ooffice -nologo", then tried to rename the folder
"~/.openoffice.org/", then tried to remove package
"openoffice.org-gtk" and "openoffice.org-gnome", but none of those
efforts works.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Best Regards,
Wang Long

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