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Re: 2.6.28 + nvidia closed source

Mark Allums wrote :
>> thveillon.debian wrote:
>> I don't know about that, but I just checked with the 2.6.28 which is in
>> unstable and it doesn't seem to have it's ready made corresponding
>> kbuild either, at least aptitude didn't find it for me...
>> Tom
> Not only that, but I updated the kernel to a later snapshot
> (2.6.28-2~snapshot.12968_amd64) and the kbuild version is/was an
> older version (12595).  (I just checked, and the kbuild source is
> not available at all right now, in any version.)
> If a snapshot is version xxxxx, and the very next version is xxxxx+1,
> will the xxxxx version work?
> Mark Allums

Mmm, I guess I am right compiling my kernel with headers from source
when using the trunk stuff, this way I sure waste time and cpu cycles
doing the build, but I end up with what I want and blobs install just
fine (Nvidia and VirtualBox for me).

I don't know for sure but I can't imagine discrepancies between versions
being a good idea. Only the trunk people could give a reliable answer I


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