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Re: 2.6.28 + nvidia closed source

thveillon.debian wrote:
Mark Allums wrote :

It still begs some questions.  Why don't they build/package a normal
kbuild that matches the dependency that the kernel header package has?

I suppose that it will enter mainstream, instead of being in
kernel-archive, and then there will be a kbuild infrastructure.  Maybe
it is too much work for the relatively few people who roll their own
custom kernel.  But a lot of people use that NVidia blob.  And other
hardware drivers that need compiling.


I don't know about that, but I just checked with the 2.6.28 which is in
unstable and it doesn't seem to have it's ready made corresponding
kbuild either, at least aptitude didn't find it for me...


Not only that, but I updated the kernel to a later snapshot
(2.6.28-2~snapshot.12968_amd64) and the kbuild version is/was an
older version (12595).  (I just checked, and the kbuild source is
not available at all right now, in any version.)

If a snapshot is version xxxxx, and the very next version is xxxxx+1, will the xxxxx version work?

Mark Allums

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