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Re: how to solve the problem "Could not bind sock on port 21: Address already in use"?

On Thu, 5 Mar 2009, Star Liu wrote:

i changed the port my ftp server use, then it starts. it's good, i'm
not so stupid.

Hi Star. I'd recommend against solving the problem that way. Ports are standardised so they may be found easily by those who needs them.

As others have noted Inetd is the Internet superserver. If you look in /etc/inetd.conf (or /etc/xinetd.* if using xinetd) then you should see an entry where it is starting an ftp server on tcp/21. It shouldn't be starting anything else there unless you have a honeypot set up.

So I'd recommend finding out what Inetd is starting, disable it and start your ftp server on the correct port.

Having said that I wouldn't recommend ftp for anything except anonymous access. sftp is now widely supported in file transfer clients even on MS-Windows. sftp is a lot more secure and doesn't have any problems with firewalls like ftp does.



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