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Disappearing Devices

On Monday 02 March 2009 12:26:54 Robert Latest wrote:
> Another curious thing: I tried to make some framebuffer devices in
> /dev (as described in the HOWTO), but they get deleted on reboot!
> Since when gets stuff deleted from /dev?

On modern Linux systems (using udev), /dev is generally mounted as tmpfs so 
it only exists in RAM and goes away each boot.  You should be able to write 
udev rules to create "static" devices on udev startup, but I'm not sure.  
Most udev rules are responsible for creating device nodes based on hardware 

> Did my system go haywire somehow, or could this have to do with its
> being the "testing" branch?

I used udev with Etch, so it did not surprise me during the move to Lenny. 
(I doubt it has changed in Squeeze; "udev" is quite powerful and I haven't 
heard of any upcoming replacements.)

I'm not sure if Etch required the use of udev, but I'm fairly sure Lenny 
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