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Re: On VHS capture hardware/software that works with Debian

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Rogério Brito wrote:

> Therefore, I would like to know the experiences of people from the
> Debian community regarding both software and hardware for this very
> task. I would like to record what I have in analog form with the highest
> quality possible (and, latter, I can think of converting the final
> result to a DVD, iPod, MPEG-4 ASP file etc).


I went through this about a year ago, first attempt was with an ATI
Radeon 9200 PCI card, I had problems with finding suitable cables and
then with macrovision on commercial films.  I then bought a Hauppauge
WinTV PVR 150, it does hardware encoding which means nil CPU usage.
This proved faultless for all my conversions.

v4l2-ctl is used to set all the parameters used by the card; the capture
command is as easy as

$ cat /dev/video0 > raw.mpg

I used ffmpeg to encode to DVD format, with the commands

$ ffmpeg -i raw.mpg -ss 00:00:02.9 -t 00:49:49.1 -ildct -ilme -target
dvd -b 5172k -cropbottom 16 -pass 1 pass1.mpg

$ ffmpeg -i raw.mpg -ss 00:00:02.9 -t 00:49:49.1 -ildct -ilme -target
dvd -b 5172k -cropbottom 16 -pass 2 pass2.mpg

Bitrate was calculated to produce a file sized for a single layer DVD
(alter this depending on the length of your mpegs).

I used dvdauthor to produce basic DVDs, and


has an excellent walk-thru on more elaborate DVD menus.

HTH, Tim
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