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Re: resolv.conf getting erased

Celejar <celejar@gmail.com> writes:

>> annoying. Any idea how I find out what is messing up my resolv.conf
>> files?
> I'm no guru, but perhaps the audit package can help?

Thanks for all the tips, on and off-list. I noticed that at the same
time as my resolv.conf was getting cleared, something was bringing up
the eth0 interface. After much poking and prodding, I found that
commenting out the allow-hotplug lines associated with eth0 in my
/etc/network/interfaces, ie:

  # The primary network interface
  # allow-hotplug eth0
  # iface eth0 inet dhcp

seems to have solved the problem. This is something I was messing with
months ago, and I have no idea why (or if!) the associated behaviour
changed now. Anyways, things seem to be working fine now. We'll see what
happens when I plug into eth0 at work tomorrow.



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