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Re: sound card not detected

On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 15:59:12 -0500, Tamas Hegedus wrote:
>> I think this card needs the snd-intel8x0 module, not snd-hda-intel.
> Hmmm. It seems you are right.
>> That would have been the right moment to ask for help here.
> First I always try to solve myself. And I could do it on my other  
> computer 2 months ago...

Fair enough. Just keep in mind that I can be less sure that my
suggestions for solutions will work as intended since I don't know all
the details of your modifications to the standard Debian configuration. 

>> You seem to have a broken mix of the Debian and the non-Debian ALSA
>> modules. Can you revert to a clean Lenny install?
> I do not know how to revert to a clean Lenny install.
> Is it:
> 1. "make uninstall" for each installed-from-the-source alsa stuff?
> 2. aptitude install 'alsa-packages'

Maybe it is better to first have a closer look what is going on with the
system as it is. After booting, post the output of:

lsmod | grep snd

If shows any snd* modules loaded, unload them as root, e.g. "modprobe -r
snd-hda-intel", "modprobe -r snd-pcm-oss", etc.

Then run these commands as root

modprobe -v snd-hda-intel
modprobe -v snd-intel8x0

and post their output here. I would also be interested in the result of

grep "install snd " /etc/modprobe.d/*

to see the install command that modprobe complains about.

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