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mutual mounting of network filesystems via init scripts

I'm setting up a computational cluster in my uni lab. It is being set up to
support batch execution (torque/maui) for mpi programs.

The problem is that the batch system runs different processes on different
machines so they thus need a shared file system for accessing the required
files for the run.

I tried setting up mutual nfs sharing, i.e mount all machines in the cluster
under /remote, that is to have

The problem is that the machines don't come up at the same time so there is a
problem mounting each other from the init scripts.

Is there any solution to mutual access via the init scripts? (i.e something
like lazy mounting. Something like what cifs seems to be doing, that is if the
connection was lost to try to reconnect on request, but also at mount time and
not only on connection loss).

Is glusterfs a solution to this?


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