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Re: k3b & brasero don't work, nerolinux does- works ar 2X

On Friday 2009 January 09 14:28:35 Paul Cartwright wrote:
>On Fri January 9 2009, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>> I'm not sure this is really a k3b bug though -- you said it affected other
>> programs as well, yes.  Please add to the bug what other programs you saw
>> affected -- it is possible that the bug may need to be reassigned (e.g. to
>> cdrkit or the kernel).
>it also affected Brasero, which is the gnome tool, correct? Not sure that it
>is kernel related, no kernel updates have been done in quite a while.. still
>on 2.6.26-1

This original reporter of your bug noticed a breakage after moving from 2.6.25 
to 2.6.26, but I'm not sure it is a kernel bug either.

>the problem is, I don't exactly know what broke, all I know is it stopped

That's fine, but that information is not in the bug.  If you don't want to 
repeat information you've already given the mailing list, please add some URL 
to the bug report that the maintainer can use to locate the thread.  Your 
description "see thread is debian-user:
Re: k3b & brasero don't work, nerolinux does- works ar 2X" is much harder to 
find than you might think, especially "later".  A link to gmane or marc a al. 
would be best, I think.

>I'm not real happy with that
>reportbug system, I probably should have just created a NEW bug, but that
> one looked like a similar issue.

You should have been able to create a new bug through reportbug.  But, I think 
bugs that have to be split is better than bugs that have to be merged, 

If you find some features lacking from reportbug, you could always file a bug 
against it.  No guarantees there though -- new features are generally at the 
whim of the maintainers or upstream.
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