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Re: does debian have other utilities similar to multicd ??

On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 2:34 PM, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. <bss@iguanasuicide.net> wrote:
On Sunday 04 January 2009, "Joey L" <mjh2000@gmail.com> wrote about 'Re:
does debian have other utilities similar to multicd ??':
>file by file copy  to some media
>no compression
>no "archive"
>readable with other OS
>if the directories specified are greater then the media max size (i.e.
> 4gig DVD-R)  the program or script will prompt you for the next media.

Not possible.  At least not without installing some software on the "other

Since you've specified no archive, the filesystem must be responsible for
determining what disk a particular file/directory is on and asking for you
to be prompted.

DVDs are either iso9660 (rare, old) or UDF (normally).  Neither of these
filesystems has this feature.  I actually don't know any filesystem that
has this feature.  If there is, you'd need to make sure that all the OSes
you have can read (at least) that filesystem, and use it on the DVDs.
There are unfortunately, too much truly cross-OS filesystems.  Installing
them is generally a good bit harder than installing a program, also.

Instead of having it implemented at the filesytem level, there might be a
program which would use a normal iso9660 or UDF filesystem, and then store
data about the other volumes in special files.  You'd have to use that
program from doing the copy (not normal burning software) and you'd have
to use that program for reading, if you wanted the information stored
across multiple volumes to all be visible.  In "standard" file managers,
you'd just see only the files stored wholely on that volume.

Of course, if you are having to use s special program to read and write
data to the volumes, you might as well just use an existing proper
archiver, just look for one that supports all the OSes you use.
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Well thanks for the reply - I think i narrowed it down.
1). Multicd - does the job - the issue there is that we need to do it on iso9660 filesystem and NOT the ext2 filesystem that come by default.
Does anyone know how to change that ???
2). Mondoarchive - does the job - the issue is that though it saves it on an iso9660 filesystem, the archieve files are not readable by windows based machines because it uses bz2 instead of zipfiles.  Does anyone know how to change Mondoarchive to zip file format storage...does it do that ?
So I am getting closer to what i need - Unfortunately my budget and technology only allows for dvd backups to occur.
Any other input would be greatly appriciated.
thanks guys.

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