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Re: does debian have other utilities similar to multicd ??

> Well thanks for the reply - I think i narrowed it down.
> 1). Multicd - does the job - the issue there is that we need to do it on
> iso9660 filesystem and NOT the ext2 filesystem that come by default.
> Does anyone know how to change that ???
> 2). Mondoarchive - does the job - the issue is that though it saves it on
> an iso9660 filesystem, the archieve files are not readable by windows based
> machines because it uses bz2 instead of zipfiles.  Does anyone know how to
> change Mondoarchive to zip file format storage...does it do that ?
> So I am getting closer to what i need - Unfortunately my budget and
> technology only allows for dvd backups to occur.
> Any other input would be greatly appriciated.
> thanks guys.

OK.  this should finish it.  Mondoarchive can use gzip.  You can download a 
gzip execuatble for Windows from


Problem solved.

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