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Re: does debian have other utilities similar to multicd ??

On Sunday 04 January 2009 08:21 am, Joey L wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 8:06 AM, Joey L <mjh2000@gmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry - I missed a point here.I would like mondo to just copy the files oto
> the dvd for me.So when I am on windows or linux - i can just insert the dvd
> and see the files as they are transparently - without any further steps.  I
> do not want to use mondorestore or any other utility to see my files on
> dvd.
> I do not want to use tar or any other utility to see my files..i just want
> it to look on dvd as it does on my linux partition....but also want windows
> machines to see it too.
> Is this possible ???

I feel like I'm chasing a moving target.  Lets nail down the specs that you 
want.  So far what I understand is:

file by file copy  to some media
no compression
no "archive"
readable with other OS

What else?  How often? How important? How much does it change? Why do you want 
to do this?  (What am I missing?)

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