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Re: [OT] Server for Debian + MySQL

Ron Johnson escribió:
On 12/10/08 20:09, kj wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
"Large systems" (meaning mainframes and "traditional" minicomputers running legacy OSs) are never dedicated. They run application software as well as RDBMSs.

OK, we're talking about two different things.

Translating that into "modern times", a Linux box *should* be able to competently run MySQL and Apache at the same time.

And it can. If it couldn't, Plesk would not be selling. In my job I admin servers that do web, mail, and db for anything from a handful to 1200+ domains on a single box. No problem there (mostly). But the load on the server's resources are, in the end, down to to what your application does.

There are several good reasons why you might want to put your DB on a separate server.

The grumpy geezer in me says you make a dedicated DB server only if your hardware and/or OS isn't up to snuff, or your RDBMS is a horrible pig, and that any modern desktop PC should have enough juice to support an RDBMS, dozens applications and 10,000 OLTP users.
It depends on many things. I have a intensive applications and I need a server with separate RDBMS. I have a +200GB database size and need to increase to a minimum of 1000GB (to save more old data to report purposes).

You need to think on many different architechtures and needs because for many web sites you don't need a big machine, with a PC you should run web server + rdbms without problems (even to many domains on this single machine...) but there are many companies that can't run web server and rdbms on same machine, even have many RDBMS servers and a lot of web servers, to achieve a good performance and high availability.

MySQL runs on commodity hardware but if you are doing 1000 statements executions per second, you need to think on a good hardware if you want a reasonable performance.


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