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Re: [OT] Server for Debian + MySQL

Adrian Chapela wrote:
I am thinking on a new server for my mision critical database server. This server will have Debian OS and MySQL database server. Requisites: 2 CPU (minimun), 32 GB RAM, 2 TB for mysql data files on SAS Hard Disks, 500 GB for mysql binlog + system on SAS Hard Disks, RAID with two channels (1 for data files and 1 for binlog).

I am thinking in HP , one HP Proliant ML370 but it hasn't 300 GB SAS on 2,5".

I can't give you advice on specific hardware, but I'd tell you this:

1. All other things being equal, get the one with the fastest possible disc setup.
2.  Make sure you put 64bit Debian on it.
3.  Make double sure you put 64bit Debian on it ;)


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