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Re: [OT] Server for Debian + MySQL

On 12/10/08 10:20, kj wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
If the box is a dedicated DB server, then there aren't (shouldn't be) any other applications running other than the essentials.

As a "large systems" developer, this (pervasive) attitude really distresses me.


Maybe I should have said "presumably, there won't be much else running on the server." But still, if a box is doing more than one thing, then I don't see it as dedicated to one thing anymore.

"Large systems" (meaning mainframes and "traditional" minicomputers running legacy OSs) are never dedicated. They run application software as well as RDBMSs.

Translating that into "modern times", a Linux box *should* be able to competently run MySQL and Apache at the same time.

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