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Re: Very slim Desktop Manager

Le Jeu 13 novembre 2008 14:46, NN_il_Confusionario a écrit :
>> and games
> old svgalib games exist. However the only game I have ever used is
> tetris inside dos navigator inside dosemu (even if there are native text
> only games for unix).

You should try Tetrinet ;-) A Networked multiplayer Tetris ! ;-)

>> and image processing software (like gimp)
> i do not use it (but I have seen it), and I agree that nothing of this
> kind has ever existed in linux, dos or whatever for the console.

ImageMagick for altering the images and there are viewer in framebuffer
mode (fbi ?).

>> and instant messengers
> i do not use them, but the first "instant messanger", talk on unix and
> phone on vax, is text based. There are many more, even with "modern"
> protocols.
"write" for old fashion, "centericq" for new protocols or Jabber client
with a gateway and "ircssi" for *everything* about IRC.

>> ATM, I have 5 terminals open plus claws plus firefox plus plan plus
>> emacs, I'm logged in on two consoles and gnome-panel is running (to
>> provide a few icons, the dictionary plugin and a clock). Eventually add
>> gimp, gaim, gnumeric or openoffice, ekiga. How would I do that with
>> only 6 available consoles?

If all such application would exists in console mode, you should use
something like screen.

>> Maybe it's possible to get more consoles? If

You can have a lot of more consoles (up to 64, if I good remember), but as
you only have 12 F-Keys, you will have to deal with modifier-Keys (Alt,
Ctrl, Meta)

>> Still I'm not really understanding how you see using consoles (almost)
>> exclusively as so superior to using applications and terminals with
>> X11

I understand him, I use X to launch a lot of xterm in which I use
GNU/screen with 'mutt', 'slrn', 'irssi', 'ssh' ! It is far more efficient
to use console programs with key shortcuts than a mouse with menus.

In French, I often say "Il n'y a pas de meilleur outil que celui avec
lequel on est habitué à travailler" (might be poorly translated as :
"There is no better tool than the one with which we usually work"), I
think it is the eternal problem... vi/emacs, X/console, GNUS/mutt, ...

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