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Re: Very slim Desktop Manager

On Wed, 12 Nov 2008 19:24:16 +0100
NN_il_Confusionario <pinkof.pallus@tiscalinet.it> wrote:

> I have only very limited experience with the output of graphic cards
> of the last 7 years (ah, the power of remote unix administration),
> but I have never seen substantial change in the font displayed at
> linux boot with vga=normal (before a console font is loaded from disk)

Maybe it's time to get a new card after 7 years :) But I don't know,
the font has to come from somewhere, and I think it looks very much
like the font used for the BIOS. I'm not using vga=normal; the support
for different resolutions on the console is turned off in the kernel. I
tried it, but using different resolutions makes the font smaller
and/or harder to read and wasn't very useful ...

> no, I am completely ignorant about gamma correction. The use of the
> hardware brightness/contrast change of the monitor is possible, but
> useless at best when one is continuously switching between X and
> console.

Don't switch continuously between X and console ... X is useful: I find
it easier to have 4x4 virtual desktops between which I can seemlessly
switch by just moving the mouse pointer over, and because I can run
console programs as well as GUI programs. So there is no need to switch
away from X, but there would be a need to switch away from the console.

Hm, when you think of it: On the console, you have the whole screen to
display 80x25, but 80x25 is a more or less small window on X. If you
make a terminal filling the whole screen but only displaying 80x25, you
can use a pretty large font for that ...

> Some time ago, I found with Google links like these:

I'll check them out --- maybe I can find some interesting fonts there :)

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