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Re: Very slim Desktop Manager

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 07:12:52AM -0600, lee wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Nov 2008 11:23:27 +0100
> NN_il_Confusionario <pinkof.pallus@tiscalinet.it> wrote:
> > My *HUGE* problem with X has always been, and very possibly will
> > always be, the readability of terminals.
> > 
> > The huge problem is that all combination of therminals, fonts, color
> > depths, screen resolutions, and refresh rates which I could try were
> > always "infinitely" less tolerable for my eyes than linux or *BSD vt
> > consoles.
> Hm, where does this problem come from?

If I knew this, then very likely I would know either how to solve the
problem or why I cannot solve the problem.

The first evident part of the problem is that almost all existing fonts
(even the ones which I have seen on Microsoft or Apple machines) are
quite horrible for my eyes, and at any rate none of them is sufficiently
similar to the good old console font. The only font i have found with an
acceptable shape for me is the vga font from xfonts-dosemu or something
like this, but (a) if I recall correctly, it does not have all the
needed gliphs for iso-1/iso-15 (even less for unicode, but this is not a
problem for me); (b) when X has a resolution better than 640x480, then
the font becomes too small for my eyes (and scaling the font does not
geve good results).

Quite possibly the biggest part of the problem is in my eyes, but I
suspect that it is not only this. If I recall corectly, more than 10
years ago I even tried to take a console font, input it in a program to
"translate" it in a font for X, and then use the resulting X font. The
result was a complete failure. 

Another unpleasant thing is that I am not able to configure X to have
the same resolution, brightness/contrast and refresh rate as the
console. Even when I tried modeline generators (there were also good
ones online) and xvidtune, a switch in brightness at least, but almost
always also a small switch in frequencies, appares from the console to
startx. Is it the hardware which does not permit the same settings for
text and graphic modes?

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