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Re: Very slim Desktop Manager

On Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 12:45:43PM -0600, lee wrote:
> Don't switch continuously between X and console ... X is useful: I find
> it easier to have 4x4 virtual desktops between which I can seemlessly
> switch by just moving the mouse pointer over, and because I can run
> console programs as well as GUI programs. So there is no need to switch
> away from X, but there would be a need to switch away from the console.

I usually have no need for switching between X and console. Infact I
have usually no need to run X at all, since svgalib/framebuffer programs
are faster than their X counterparts. But there is no console analogue
for dememo, and there is the need to occasionally show someone the
pratical proof of the basic web principle "If you cannot see it with
lynx, then it is not worth seeing".

Moreover I find the keyboard-based switching of workspalces in evilwm 
and in gnu screen easier and better than a mouse based switching.

Finally, when I run X then I *must* switch to console (where i can start
X programs if needed: env DISPLAY=:1 XAUTHORITY=~/.Xauthority xpdf)
since, as we are discussing, no satisfactory font/terminal/whatever
exist for my eyes.

And in any case I never found a user interfce intrinsecally more
anti-intuitive and broken (for the way my brain works) than the GUI

> Hm, when you think of it: On the console, you have the whole screen to
> display 80x25, but 80x25 is a more or less small window on X. If you
> make a terminal filling the whole screen but only displaying 80x25, you
> can use a pretty large font for that ...

well, Linux is not OpenBSD which is limited to 80x25 and 80x50 consoles.
Try vga=ask and see how many possibilities Linux has for text consoles.
True, these possibilities beyond the vga=normal strongly depend upon the
graphic card, and when two cards both support 80x37 (say) it is possible
that one card support it wonderfully and the other one flackly. Then,
after Linux has booted, there is fbset svgatextmode and so on.

Chi usa software non libero avvelena anche te. Digli di smettere.
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Informatica=bomba: intelligente solo per gli stupidi che ci credono.

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