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Re: New Debian Install Blackscreen

On 08/08/2008 09:57 PM, Taahir wrote:
I am a fairly new linux user, and have recently installed Debian on its own hard
disk in what will eventually become a dual-boot system.  The Windows drive is
currently not connected, so that isn't a factor.  My graphics card is an nvidia
8800 gts.

My problem is that when I start up Debian, I get the initialization screen, which
runs fully, and disappears just after GNOME starts up.  I then get what I think
is a password-prompt beep from the motherboard, but the monitor remains off,
which is how it normally handles being given an incorrect resolution.

I can, however, successfully log into the single-user root option that grub gives
me, and get a fully functioning terminal.  My question is how to go about setting
GNOME into VGA (or some low resolution) through the terminal.

Thanks in advance,

Go into a virtual console by doing Control-Alt-F2 on the keyboard. You should get a text mode screen that will allow you to log in. After you've logged in, you can edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to use another driver, e.g. "vesa". First copy xorg.conf to a backup file:

cd /etc/X11
cp xorg.conf xorg.conf.bak

You didn't say what distribution of Debian you're using, but what you do to xorg.conf differs with the distribution.

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