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Re: what's the best IDE for C programming in Debian?

On 2008-08-09 07:09 +0200, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

> But emacs I've used for writing code. Not a lot of code, but enough to
> get the basic stuff wired in. I also use it as a general purpose
> editor (it's my default editor in mutt, for example, with it's own
> .emacs just for mutt, so I don't load up a bunch of unneeded stuff.

As a believing member of the Church of Emacs I have to step in here and
accuse you of severe abuse. ;-) Your habit is very inconvenient and
clumsy, really.  The Right Thing is to put (server-start) in your .emacs
and use emacsclient as $EDITOR.  There's no need to start more than one
instance of Emacs!


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