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Re: what's the best IDE for C programming in Debian?

On 08/09/08 01:19, Sven Joachim wrote:
On 2008-08-09 07:09 +0200, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

But emacs I've used for writing code. Not a lot of code, but enough to
get the basic stuff wired in. I also use it as a general purpose
editor (it's my default editor in mutt, for example, with it's own
.emacs just for mutt, so I don't load up a bunch of unneeded stuff.

As a believing member of the Church of Emacs I have to step in here and
accuse you of severe abuse. ;-) Your habit is very inconvenient and
clumsy, really.  The Right Thing is to put (server-start) in your .emacs
and use emacsclient as $EDITOR.  There's no need to start more than one
instance of Emacs!

That seems redundant, since Emacs is the OS, and thus is running soon after POST.

Does that age me? Emacs-as-OS comments just don't have the same impact when using a 2GB AMD 64X2 machine as they on a 8MB Sun3...

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

Scientists are people, too.  IOW, they also "crave power, money,
respect, and influence, and they also fear for their jobs. Each
can be a healthy motivator, but each has the ability to turn a
good scientist into a bad one; and in some cases, they can turn
a good scientist into a charlatan."

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