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Re: pine help

Arvind Marathe <bahuroopi@gmail.com> wrote:
AM> On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 05:33:24PM +0000, i'll teach you to turn away. wrote:
>> compunction:/home/crank# update-alternatives --config www-browser
>> There is only 1 program which provides www-browser
>> (/usr/bin/links2). Nothing to configure.
AM> So perhaps in your case, links2 was installed later and got selected
AM> as www-browser. Still that does not explain why update-alternatives
AM> does not provide lynx as an option. Maybe you can re-install lynx and
AM> see what happens?

	but i haven't re/installed/upgraded/anything lynx or links2 since 
pine started acting oddly.

	though, i did just try to upgrade lynx, & the system did. it 
removed lynx-ssl, installed lynx-cur, & upgraded lynx. i WAS then able to 
set the www-browser to lynx... but pine's still acting the same way. :/


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