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Re: [OT] GMail troubles [Was: Re: du-guidelines - point 7]

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On 07/21/08 19:59, s. keeling wrote:
> Bob Cox <debian-user@lists.bobcox.com>:
>>  On Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 00:34:56 -0500, Ron Johnson (ron.l.johnson@cox.net) wrote: 
>>> On 07/19/08 23:08, Celejar wrote:
>>>> On Sat, 19 Jul 2008 20:59:51 +0100
>>>> Bob Cox <debian-user@lists.bobcox.com> wrote:
>>>>> On Sat, Jul 19, 2008 at 12:46:55 -0700, Paul Johnson (baloo@ursine.ca) wrote: 
>>>>>> Name names!  I bet other people would like to use that ISP.
>>>>> Well, I thought you would have worked it out from the headers ;-)
>>>>> I use Zen Internet www.zen.co.uk  - although there several other UK ISPs
>>>>> offering static IP, rDNS etc - http://aaisp.net/ and
>>>>> http://www.ukfsn.org spring to mind.
>>>> I'm confused; neither this message nor your previous one in this thread
>>>> contains any header mentioning zen.
>>> That's right.  Straight from gaia.bobcox.net to liszt.debian.org.
>>  I'm sorry!  But I thought you guys were geeks and could do the detective
>>  work ;-)
> They're using tbird or mozilla to read mail.  You expect them to read
>  Received: headers?!?

Sure.  View->"Message Source"

> I'm not much better; I use slrn to read mailing lists.  :-)  Some
> people, no accounting for taste, ...

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