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Re: [OT] GMail troubles [Was: Re: du-guidelines - point 7]

On Sat,19.Jul.08, 18:43:32, Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 07/19/08 17:26, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> > On Sat,19.Jul.08, 12:35:37, Paul Johnson wrote:
> [snip]
> >> Decrease the frequency at which you check your mail?
> > 
> > I just did (from 5 to 15 min). Let's see if this helps.
> If that helps, then you didn't cure the problem, only mask it.  I
> say that because I've been doing 5 minute fetchmail pulls for 4
> years, and it works like a charm.
In the last reject there was this link:


My getmailrc also didn't use the full email as username (which is also 
mentioned there).  I'll wait for about a week and then put gmail back on 
5 min., because I retrieve mail using a small self-backed script which 
ensures I don't have two instances at a time.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
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