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Re: What the proper way to create debian rescue disk (debian installed into qemu iso and dd'ed into some hard drive)

Jabka Atu wrote:
> Howdy ,
> I wish to create a Debian an image that can be dd'ed into a hard drive.
> So for instance if i have a mulfunctioning hard drive i could put
> other disk and just use dd to put it on.
> I'm installing now (debian sid ) it now into a qemu image  build using
> qemu-img -f qcow filename size.
> and setting all what i need.
> What are the other steps that i need to do to be able achieving my task ?

I did not understand what you are trying to do. Are you installing
Debian on qemu, and then intend to clone this qemu image to a real hard
disk? That might work (Debian is not Windows), but is not ideal as the
virtualized hardware of qemu is not the same as of the actual system.

I'd recommend clonezilla for making images of disks and restoring them
later. It has worked well for me.

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