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Re: flashblock and noscript extensions want root access?

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On 07/14/08 21:34, H.S. wrote:
> Mumia W.. wrote:
>> The Noscript FAQ discusses this. For Seamonkey, Noscript must be
>> installed globally because Seamonkey is missing the API that makes
>> profile-installation easy.
> hmm ... thanks for this info.
>> I'm glad you mentioned "Seamonkey," because I had forgotten that
>> Iceape is Debian's Seamonkey.
>> H.S., if you do install Noscript into Iceape (as root), please let us
>> know how this affects your upgrades. My guess is that Noscript would
>> have to be reinstalled after every upgrade of Iceape, but I'd like to
>> know.
> I am not sure I want to do this as root. Usually, I tend to keep
> non-debian packages separate as far as I can. So I am just probably
> going to wait it out and see if newer versions of Iceape allow this.

In Sid, at least, there is a mozilla-noscript package.

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