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Re: manipulate initrd from Debian installer

Denny Schierz wrote:

looks like your new kernel is looking for something and not finding it.
 You seem to be trying to create a custom live CD.  Do you use any gnu
or debian tools to automate the process?

i use gzip/gunzip/cpio/cp/mkisofs nothing more.

There is the package live-helper, and it has a gnome gui, live-magic.

If it is a CD, it may need support for the ISO 9660 CD standard.  Did

as i said, it is the netinstall.iso :-)

Ah, I forgot to take off my Clueless Hat today.  <:o

you compile that into the kernel, or the initrd?  Once the kernel takes
over from the boot loader, it doesn't know about filesystems unless they
have been compiled in.

filesystems are always compiled into the kernel and it don't need the
ISO filesystem, cause the initrd could be found in a ram disk

Well, yes and no. You get the filesystems that you choose when configuring the kernel. It wasn't immediately apparent that it was the initrd that was/wasn't being understood. I am going to ask the obvious: Did you remember to compile initrd support into the kernel?

(I once forgot to compile in ReiserFS support, nor make it a module, nor use an initrd (if I *had* done the modules) with most of the disk formatted as Reiser. Wow, was I red in the face! :) Now, I sometime use ReiserFS, but never for the boot partition!)

I am afraid I cannot offer much more advice, having never had that problem, nor created a custom Debian install CD.

I hope that others on the list will be able to pick up the slack.

Mark Allums

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