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manipulate initrd from Debian installer


i have to recompile a kernel ( to get some hardware working,
for example network cards and 3ware SCSI SATA controller from the
installer (debian-testing-amd64-netinst.iso). But I'm unable to create a
valid kernel and/or initrd.

i did something like:

# mount loop .iso
# copy the contents into a directory
# compile kernel and copy them to cd/install.amd/vmlinuz
# unpack initrd.gz
# copy the modules to lib/modules
# recompress with cpio and gzip
(cd ramdisk/ ; find . -depth -print | cpio -oc > ../newinitrd ; cd .. ;
gzip newinitrd)
# copy the new initrd.gz to cd/install.amd/initrd.gz
# create mkisofs
# starting ...

But,  however. I get

a)  tried reiserfs,ext3,ext2,cramfs .... "Kernel panic - Unable to mount

b) or if i do mkcramfs ramdisk/ new.cramfs and copy them to
cd/install.amd/initrd.gz, i get "Unable to mount root fs on

and he lists some partitions from ram0 till ram15. He said, i tried to
boot from <NULL> as root=

so, what i have to do. Most pages and Howtos are old. I want to change
only the kernel with his modules, nothing more.

cu denn

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